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Emotional Awareness

How aware are we of our emotions? It sounds like a simple question, but emotions aren’t always easy to identify. Emotions are how we respond to our thoughts and feelings, such as fear, anger, joy, sadness. They’re at the heart of our behavior and form the basis of what we feel most of the time. Emotional awareness is all about observing our feelings and noticing how we respond to situations and circumstances. Often times we’re unaware of how stress or negativity can build up to where our reactions become overwhelming. Yet, when we’re aware of our emotional triggers, we can then make positive choices with our words, actions, and attitude.

Emotional awareness can also provide us with the skills we need to interact successfully with everyone around us. The more aware we are of our own emotions, the easier it becomes to be aware of the feelings of others. Learning to be empathetic is a key aspect in social interactions because it helps us recognize the perspectives, needs, and emotions of others. When we know and understand what others are feeling, we can become a better friend and have more meaningful relationships, gain greater wisdom, and experience more joy and fulfillment in life.