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Simplifying our Lives

Simplicity is an important part of a balanced life. Our lives tend to get busy, complicated, stressful, and overwhelming. We fill up our calendars with obligations and activities with barely enough time for ourselves and others. Yet no matter how well intentioned our activities and commitments are, we can rethink and prioritize them. We can think of ourselves as an architect designing a beautiful living structure. What changes would help create a balanced life? We can ask ourselves: Are our days balanced? Do we allow enough time for exercise and relaxation? Or are we caught up with too much work and maintenance?

Simplicity means taking charge of our lives and putting ourselves back on track. We can simplify our schedule so we don’t have to focus on multiple tasks at the same time. We can keep the commitments that are important and remove those that drain our time and energy. Living simply means eliminating the non-essentials and spending time doing what’s truly important to us. Simplicity becomes the clarity we need to find meaning in our lives. And it’s often in the simplest things where we find true joy and happiness.